this morning ralph and i went on an interesting post sesh walk to the bit in queen’s park with all the mad animals and it was pouring with rain and we formed serious emotional connections with some terrapins and some mad burd was being heavy weird

(this is the third time this has posted since yesterday, tumblr mobile does my fucking nut in)

got two fillets of basa for 29p in morrisons last week, yass

got two fillets of basa for 29p in morrisons last week, yass

today i am reppin mimas and having way too much hair and being angelic


Coco & Imko

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Ill Mana - Shut Ya Mouth

ridiculously phat and wobbly bassline number, oh yes! ripped from a mix but i absolutely need this one and cant find it anywhere :(


Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

really? wowowow

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…what have I done?

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ahhh think this gig will have to get patched, love mimas lots and lots but i shouldn’t spend any more money considering next weekend is going to be hectic

feel bad but oh well :(



delete this




delete this


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only got a tenner on me so dunno if i should go to this gig tonight, also really can’t be bothered with the glasgow hipster band crowd (trust me IT EXISTS) and i get bored seeing bands but on the other hand these guys have been one of my favourites for years so i might regret not going


Deftones – Teenager (1,751 plays)

just closed my eyes and had a blissful wee zone out to this tune, what a beauty

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actually kinda wish i had a few draws of a joint to toke on right now, what is happening to me


Mouth of the Architect // Quietly

on that emotional gloomy/sludgy metal vibe today


By Daniel Farò

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Gnarwolves // Community, Stability, Identity

Such a banger.

love this tune